After Dinner Speaking

Andy’s legendary status is unique in the world of Rugby League, with a global fan base extending from England to Australia, where he’s very much a well-known personality.

Few sports stars can lay claim to being voted ‘best player in the world’ together with having a successful coaching history.

Andy’s sporting ability is on par with Ronaldo, Steve Davies and Shane Warne and yet he’s blessed with having a life story which would rival that of George Best or Alex Higgins.

Meeting Andy is a remarkable experience: a diminutive figure with a larger than life personality. He will inspire you, yet have you crying with laughter the next minute, sharing his personal experiences in a very human way.

Twenty-three winner’s medals, two Lance Todd Trophies and nine-out-of-nine unbeaten Wembley appearances to his name, for the first time ever, Andy Gregory shares his personal story with you, starting 2014.

Due to the RFL awarding Andy a full 12-month Testimonial in 2014 Andy is very much in demand. Contact Andy now and secure one of the finest after-dinner speakers in the UK.

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